Seam Repair

Did you know that carpet accounts for half of all flooring sold in the United States today? As you can see wall to wall carpeting is a popular choice for many homes across America today! Why is this? Wall to wall carpeting offers many benefits to homeowners other than being something soft to walk on. Wall to wall carpeting also acts as an insulator for your home during the winter. Wall to wall carpeting also reduces noise in your home.

Having wall to wall carpeting is great, but did you know that your wall to wall carpet is actually made up of two or more pieces bonded together?

If the adhesive begins to break down, your seams will start to come apart. Texas Carpet Repair & Cleaning can repair your damaged seams! If your seams are still in good condition we will bond the seams back together with a latex adhesive to give it a strong durable bond.

If your seams are frayed or damaged we will remove the damaged seam and replace it with a new one. Our carpet seam repair is a straightforward solution to your problem and will extend the life of your carpet!

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